At Kemer Kids Garden, the IBO PYP ( International Bachelor’s Degree Organization Primary Years Program) is implemented. For 3-6 age group, physical, social, emotional and mental developments have specific caracteristics. Every child’s individual development is different from the other. Additionally, children in this age group will experience for the first time the opportunity of participating in a group within a new physical environment except their family.

The PYP is established above the active learning approach for the children to use meaninfully the experiences from their social and physical environment. PYP is a questioning based programme. Children are directed to making questions about actual subject and researching the answers and solutions. This is assisted by educational teaching staff who plan and assess through observation and provide motivation to participate in activities.

From time to time the children are grouped together to make presentations. In this way, they gain the oppotunity to teach to their friends what they have been learning.

Teaching to each other in this way, develops their self confidence and enables them to evaluate and question themselves.